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Sometimes people lose a front tooth because of fracture, decay, or gum disease. The usual options to replace it are a removable "flipper",have an implant placed, or cut down the teeth on either side to make a crown based fixed bridge. Those options are either high cost, take a long time to visually replace the lost tooth, or are hard to eat with. I have been using the same composite bonding method we use to fill front teeth to quickly and inexpensively give people back their lost front teeth so they can smile and speak like the tooth was never lost.

We can only do this type of composite bridge when at least one of the teeth next to the missing one has most of it's original enamel left to bond to, and we don't recommend biting hard on the bridge, but the results have been surprising positive. It doesn't work all the time, but even when it does come off, you are still left with all of the options you had before (even trying again). So if you or someone you know ends up losing a front tooth and doesn't like the usual options for replace it, talk to us to see if this option could solve the problem.